The story

The story about Alptech starts with a friend struggling to find a decent fitting pair of alpine boots. He had one foot bigger than the other, and there was just no boots in the market fitting perfectly. At the same time another friend of us was just nagging all the time about his feet getting sore from his boots gnawing. His comment about “why is there no alpine boots that huggs the feet like a sock” made us curious to try making a different type of boot. 

We wanted to create a boot that just fits everyone.

By combining high precision laser scanning and state of the art technology for additive manufacturing, Alptech will provide the worlds first large scale production of tailored fitted ski boots. Every boot is unique, and customized to the foot that goes in there. It doesn´t matter if you got one foot larger than the other, or if your feet is just crooked. We will take care of your feet. 

Alptech is for the picky guys who dont settle for the second best. We will never stop chasing the better solutions.